What Makes Zeta Different?
Most derivatives DEXs only specialise in either options or futures. Zeta is dedicated to providing a complete suite of derivatives and as such will launch with both options and futures. In addition to this Zeta offers under collateralised trading and cross margin, separating it further from most counterparts.
Existing Market
Zeta Markets
Why Zeta?
Unable to provide sustainable, win-win solutions for traders & LPs
First-in-class LP & trader experience, with Uniswap-like scalability
Collateral Obligations
Fully collateralized options
Unable to offer leverage
Undercollateralized options
Adjustable leverage
AMM Capabilities
Static volatility input / constant product pricing
No risk management
Dynamic volatility surface
Black-Scholes pricing
Auto risk management
Product Exposure
Sell / Buy only for customers
No Vanilla calls
Often use covered calls
Two-sided trading available
Full vanilla options implementation
Supports any underlying risk
One-sided liquidity (buy or sell)
Fragmented liquidity across strikes
Orderbook liquidity
Cross-strike OMM liquidity
Transaction Costs
High explicit tx costs (gas)
High implicit tx costs (time)
Close to no trading fee
Sub-second response time
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