Speed & Scalability
Current on-chain options protocols are hampered by expensive transactions and long transaction settlement times.


Given our goal of achieving professional-grade performance and scalability of our protocol, choosing the appropriate blockchain infrastructure was a key consideration in our decision-making. For our initial protocol, the Solana blockchain met our criteria by providing:
  • ​
    High Transactional Throughput: 50,000 per second.
  • ​
    Low Fees: Less than 0.1 of a cent.
  • πŸ’¨ Fast Settlement Times: 400ms block times.
This is all whilst maintaining necessary security and decentralisation guarantees.
The Solana ecosystem also supports a thriving DeFi ecosystem with projects like Serum that allow us to leverage their proven on-chain orderbooks. The ecosystem also has working references of AMMs (Raydium) and margin trading (Mango Markets) which validate the suitability of Solana as the blockchain to build on.
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